My trusted relief

Our Team

Trained and Competent People

The staff are chosen for their skills, their ability to deal with complex situations and their openness to different realities. They share the following profile:

  • training in education and care services or specialized education;
  • training relevant to the care and education of children;
  • an experience of many years in home care can compensate for training;
  • experience with children who require special care;
  • strong sense of responsibility;
  • autonomy and judgment;
  • up do date first aid and emergency course;
  • no criminal record.


Our staff:

  • receives basic training when hired and subsequently customized training that supports the work they do;
  • enjoys coaching round the clock, 7 days 7, in case there is an emergency to manage in the workplace;
  • is evaluated periodically by management and by families receiving assistance;
  • works according to a professional code of ethics;
  • is covered by professional liability insurance.


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