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Le Petit Répit (literally The Little Respite) defines itself as a Family Community Organization (FCO), which aims to provide respite for families with children from 0 to 17 inclusive with all types of needs.

To achieve its mission, Le Petit Répit collaborates with many organizations offering support for families. Its action is preventive and humanitarian and ultimately helps ensure that childrens remain in their home environment.

Le Petit Répit manages a team of "sitter-educators"  coming to your home for a pre-determined period of time. These trusted people are employed by the organization and are recruited for their competence and professional capacity to deal with all kinds of situations. They have round the clock, 7 days a week access to external support, should any problematic situation arise during their stay at your family's home. This team also receives customized training and each of them is assessed on a regular basis.  Their criminal records are also screened by the Quebec city Police department and all are required to have taken a first aid course.


What is a FCO?

Family Community Organizations are created for and with families, on the initiative of individuals or organizations in this community, concerned about the conditions in which families are born and evolve. FCO are a lever families created to meet their needs by promoting and supporting the emergence of collective, alternative and innovative solutions.

The OCF are meant for and are accessible to all families, the latter being defined by the parent-child bond and are characterized by intergenerational dynamics. The FCO share the vision that parents have the primary responsibility for their children. The FCO are concerned about the quality of relationships between children and their parents, the valorization of parenting and the recognition, sharing and enrichment of the parenting experience through activities.

In order to improve the quality of life of families and the well-being of its members, the FCO promotes preventive and proactive interventions. The FCO is an environment that promotes exchange, sharing, healing, help and mutual aid. People working for the organization promote a self-care approach for families, developing their autonomy and initiatives in which they can get involved, while considering that the family is composed of distinct individuals with specific needs.

The FCO promote the family as a collective value. They educate the public and various bodies about the realities of families, the difficulties they may encounter and the conditions that are necessary for their proper development and well-being.

Family Community Organizations are part of the broader movement of autonomous community action.

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